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The Dog Days Difference

We are a canine adventure company! We want to recruit active dogs that love moving as a way to stay happy and healthy. We want dogs that love walking, hiking, running, exploring, swimming, etc. 

Our specialty is time on trail. Pupventures (adventures for your pup!) offer a full 90 minutes of on-trail time where the clock starts when we hit the trailhead, not when we arrive at your house. Hiking groups are capped at (4) dogs and are carefully curated to best match dogs' individual personalities. You can expect your pup(s) to be away from your home from 2 - 3 hours. 

All activities will be leashed or long-lined as a default.  We do allow off-leash adventures as long as your dog has an impeccable recall and/or is outfitted with an e-collar. We live in a beautiful place teeming with wildlife and want to mitigate encounters and respect other trail users as much as possible. 

What does a Dog Day look like? We'll start the day off with belly rubs during coffee time, and then we'll do a walk around the neighborhood to get the morning sniffs in. Leashed afternoon adventures will follow, and sometimes there's even a surprise Pup Cup from Starbucks to fuel the rest of the day! We top off the day with another walk around the neighborhood to see if anything exciting happened while we were gone. My goal is to make your pup so comfortable, they hardly notice that you're away. :)

When was the last time
your pup was dog tired?

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