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Hey, welcome!

Are you here because you want a badass dog walker that will treat your pup like family, take them on awesome Pupventures, tell them how cute they are, and send you photos of all of the above? Well, ya found me! 

What does 18+ years of loving doggos get you?

  • 3 vet clinics worked in

  • 2,100+ miles hiked with a pup

  • 1,392* bellies rubbed

  • 2,439* butts scratched (with consent)

  • 38,925* treats given

* These are merely approximations & are not meant to be quoted​


If you're curious about adding your dog to those numbers, get in touch! 


dog days of summit

your pup by guiding them

on the

mountain adventures

they deserve!


our services
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