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Adventure Dog Walking +
Full-Service Pet Sitting in
Summit County, Colorado

Dog Days of Summit is proud to serve the people & pets of Frisco, CO and the surrounding communities. From half hour daily dog walks to extended vacation pet sitting, we've got you covered. 

We spoil your pups
by guiding them on
the mountain adventures
they deserve!

About DDOS

With over two decades of pet care experience, Dog Days of Summit aims to provide the best canine & customer service in the county. Our scheduling software makes requesting care simple, and all clients receive personalized report cards at the end of every visit. 

We specialize in Pupventures : customized 90-minute adventures for your pups! We come pick them up, take them on their field trip, and then drop them back off a few hours later after racking up a few miles on a local trail.

In addition to Pupventures and Drop-In services, DDOS also offers vacation pet sitting so that you can fully enjoy your marg on the beach, knowing your pup is having their own staycation while you're away.

Great for keeping your pups in shape & tuckered out. Summer hikes can average 3 - 4 miles and may include a quick swim!

A nice midday potty break and a chance to stretch their legs and feel the wind in their fur. Complete with treats!

An extended visit that allows you to snag drinks or head to trivia as soon as you're done with work.

Trusted care of your house & hounds. We guarantee daily exercise and adhere to the principles of "Leave No Trace".

How We Can Help

Join the
Dog Days Pack!

To get in on the fun, we just need to gather some basic information about you and your pups, and then we'll be in touch!

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