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Designed to keep the pups of Colorado active, Pupventures offer a full 1.5 hours of on-trail exercise and enrichment with the potential of up to three of their canine besties. All dogs signed up for Pupventures must be fully vaccinated, friendly, travel well in a vehicle, and have excellent leash manners. Pupventures are leashed by default but off-leash is allowed with proven recall and a remote collar.

Pupventures are offered in two daily time blocks: 9A - 1P, and 1P - 5P and each Pupventure day may look a little different. Some days include hiking up to a lake for a swim, others include a mellow mountain bike ride, and other days may include romping at the dog park under close supervision. We will work with you to determine what your pup would enjoy and be best suited for. 

A 60-Min Drop-In must be booked prior to the first Pupventure to fully assess temperament & group compatibility, so click here to get a Meet & Greet scheduled!


out in nature : $85 / +$20 ea addn'l dog

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