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Pupventures are what the foundation of Dog Days is built on. Designed to get your dog away from the traffic noises and gum wrappers neighborhood sidewalks, Pupventures provide 90 minutes of on-trail enrichment with playmates. These are not "pack" walks - no group will ever be larger than four, and they are curated with personalities, training, and activity levels in mind. 

What to Expect

While the majority of Pupventures are hiking excursions, in the past, they have also included trips to the dog park, mountain biking sessions, and XC ski days. 

Pupventures are offered in simple timeframes: AM (9A - 1P) or PM (1P - 5P). DDOS does not guarantee an arrival time for Pupventures - timing depends on which pups have been paired with your dog, travel time between houses, etc. It may make the most sense to pick your pup up first and be there at exactly 9, or your pup may be the last stop before the trailhead and be picked up around 10:30.

You can expect your dog to be away

from your home for up to 4 hours. 

Rates & Reqs

Rate: $85 for the first pup, +$20 each addn'l dog.


holiday rate: +$20/service, not per dog



  • Must be fully vaccinated.

  • Dogs older than 1.5 years old must be spayed or neutered. Puppies may be intact and we will keep this in mind when pairing them with playmates.

  • Must get along well with all other dogs. Cannot have a history of any aggression, whether towards animals or people. 

  • If you prefer your dog be off-leash, they must be trained on an e-collar as a Hail Mary in the event that simple recall doesn't work for squirrels. 

no dog will be allowed on a pupventure without first having booked a trial 1-hr drop-in to assess personality on leash.

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